• The Story of Big Pig

    Once there lived a pig called BIG PIG. She was a happy pig, foraging in the garden and slurping up her milk and bread.

  • One day BIG PIG was wondering what the world was like outside her pen so she worked and worked at what would be her great escape.

  • Farmer Rick soon noticed that BIG PIG was running about the farm; so he went and got her favorite treat… MILK.

  • Try as he did Farmer Rick had no luck. BIG PIG continued to explore the farm and go way up into the pasture.

  • Soon BIG PIG found the cows and quickly made friends. Farmer Rick was never going to get her back to her garden pen.

  • In no time at all BIG PIG had followed her newly found friends in to their barn and started to eat their food.

  • BIG PIG found herself being welcomed by all the cows.

  • One of the elder cows welcomed BIG PIG by giving her a bath and all the others cows joined in.

  • BIG PIG had found a new home and family with the cows, Farmer Rick realized that this is where she wanted to be and was happy; and so BIG PIG lived happily ever after.

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