Farm Raised Pork

Fresh pork raised here on the farm and USDA approved!

The swine program on the farm has been gaining ground over the past four years. It all started with raising two pigs for our own consumption and has progressed to breeding and raising pigs for customers. In the past we have custom raised pigs for our customers, and as roasters. Last year was the first year that sold pork sausage by the pound and it was a hit!

Over the winter two litters were born and we sold all but three of the piglets. The remaining three piglets are Berkshire pigs, known for their meat quality. The pigs are pasture raised and fed bread, grain, fruits and vegetables along with the whey from the cheese plant. We will have available at the market this year: bacon, ham stakes, and sausage. We offer a variety of sausage: Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo, Kielbasa, and Breakfast.